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作者: 英迈思
发布时间: 2013 - 11
- 29
点击次数: 142
The exhibition information The company booth number 3 d361 The sixteenth international DMP dongguan mold and metal processing, the 16th DMP dongguan international rubber plastic and packaging exhibitionThe exhibition location: guangdong modern international exhibition center Border town S256 provincial road and furniture avenue, houjie town, dongguan city, ka wah hotel opposite the zip code: 523952Show date: November 19-22, 2014 (total 4 days)Open time: on Wednesday, November 19 to 21, 2014, to five 09:30-17:00On November 22, 2014 09:30-15:00 on SaturdayThe exhibition scale, unprecedented! 4400 booths, 1200 exhibitors, 80000 professional audience. Gather the world's top mould processing and plastic machinery and equipment!Special events: D Mold international Mold manufacturing an...
发布时间: 2013 - 11
- 29
点击次数: 180
Date: 2016.09.28-2016.10.1 Location: Saigon international exhibition convention center The company booth number: 163  The exhibition to introduce Taken the Vietnam national general situation: Vietnam a population of 83 million, since 83 million, relations with the United States to join asean free trade area, and the European Union signed free trade agreement; In 1998 to join the APEC asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC); In January 2007, officially became the world trade organization, the WTO's 150th member states is currently the world's economic development speed is second nation (after China). Not only the largest city in Vietnam, ho chi minh city and is the most important economic centre in Vietnam. GDP accounted for 20% of Vietnam. Ho chi minh city, h...
作者: 英迈思
发布时间: 2013 - 11
- 29
点击次数: 109
Time: June solstice. 26, 2016 Location: Beijing international exhibition center. The company's booth number: A404 Size: 120000 square meters High quality audience of 150000 people Organizer: China's machinery industry co., LTD., China machine tool corporation To undertake units: the machine exhibition co., LTD., Beijing LiXin exhibition company in Beijing
作者: 英迈思
发布时间: 2013 - 11
- 29
点击次数: 171
Show time: April 11-15, 2016 The exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center, N1 - N5 pavilion, E3 - E7 pavilion The exhibition organizer: China machine tool industry association The exhibition organizer: China machine tool industry association The Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD The scale of the exhibition: 120000 square meters China numerical control machine tool exhibition (CCMT) founded in Shanghai in 2000, has successfully hosted the eight consecutive terms. In five years in Shanghai, a session held in Beijing, the two held in nanjing. In order to show the long-term development and provide the exhibitors with larger show platform, beginning in 2014, China numerical control machine tool exhibition move troops back to the birthpla...
作者: 英迈思
发布时间: 2013 - 11
- 29
点击次数: 101
The fair name The 19th south China international exhibition of industrial automation The exhibition date July 1-3, 2015 The booth of our company 2 a04 The exhibition site Shenzhen convention and exhibition center Shenzhen futian district fortune China three road, shenzhen convention and exhibition center Not to be missed in south China automation professional exhibitions - south China international exhibition of industrial automation Shenzhen, is the core of the "made in China" area, after 30 years of rapid development, shenzhen has become the core region of the world's "made in China". Especially in electronic communication, Metal processing, photovoltaic, electrical equipment, household electrical appliances, prin...
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