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Service Terms of service

Product Guarantee Terms


I. Our guarantee services are provided by our after-sale service center of all offices all over China and cover all products sold by us.
II.Our products carry out one-month 3-R service and two-year (one year for LCD screen) free repair service. Except otherwise specified by both parties, these periods shall start as of the date where the products are sold.
III. Provided that they are used normally, in case of failures due to quality reason of the products, within the 3-R or free repair period, we will provide free repair or replacementfor you.

IV. Within the 3-R or free repair period, in any of the following circumstances,you will not be able to enjoy the 3-R service and free repair service:
1. When the product is defective or damaged due to human factor or force majeure;
2. When the product is damaged due to the installation and operation not conforming to the related regulations;
3. When the product is damaged due to peripheral electric leakage or short during use;
4. When the product is damaged due to being bumped by external force during use;
5. When the product is repaired without permission or its bar code or serial number is tore or altered;
6. When the product is used in the environment with high temperature and humidity and thus it is burnt due to overheat or damaged due to high damp.

V. We undertake hereby that, if the domestic user needs after-sale services due to product quality, based on our service offices everywhere, we will repair the product within 24h if in the same city, within 48h if in the same province or not later than 72h if out of the same province to reach your place; if the overseas user needs such service, he can send the product back to us at its own cost and we will provide the desired repair.
VI.In order to satisfy the individualized demand of the user, our products can provide Software development package for secondary development; however, the user should bear all risks therefrom.
VII. In case of failures during use, the user should inform us as soon as possible and then we will display our professional technicians for repair. It is not allowed to dismantle the product by the user without our permission; otherwise, it will be deemed that the user waives the right for free repair and any loss or product damage will be assumed by the user.
VIII. The repair out of the free maintenance period will be charged. The failure of the same feature can enjoy 3-month free maintenance as of the completion of the first maintenance; however, the six circumstances mentioned in IV above will be excluded for free maintenance.
IX. These Terms shall come into effect as of June 1, 2009. In the case where any terms before are inconsistent with these Terms, the latter shall prevail.
X. We reserve the final right to interpret these Terms.




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